Introduction to Earth series

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Introduction to Earth series

Post  Serbian on Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:24 pm

The Earth RP series are RP series mixed with elements of other content, including Warcraft, Warhammer 40k, Pokemon, Metal Gear, Metroid and many other content. It does share it's own OC.

The Earth RPG sets in fictional year of 2323-2324. The Earth X sets after the Earth RPG, acting as a sequel.

The original story of Earth sets in year 2323 when a terrorist organization called Rocket Army (Also working with Galactic Army) took control of the human planet Earth, while the nations were in crisis of breaking through. With help of a mad man, Dr. Brian Jones, CEO of the biggest medical company Techdom Inc. Rockets and Galactics gathered mercenaries and terrorists around the globe to create world's biggest army, and bring the world to it's knees

This started Earth war, a clash between the terrorist group RA and GA and a single rebel group called The Resistance, which consists of every nations remaining army. The Resistance has a plan on returning the world on it's own feet, as it use to be before the crisis

Earth series also features many more races and planets. The Second Earth (Pokeworld) is the home of the Poke Humans. Orus is the home planet of the Kirin elves, a kingdom surrounded by 3 hostile enemies: Vashkinians (the lizard like creatures), Nagas and Plaguelands Undead. Eternia (The Third Earth) is the mysterious planet surrounded with mystery to earth humans. Colonized in year 2289, the planet was mysteriously vanishing and re appearing all the time. The colony workers reported strange sightings like gryphons and pegasus, although ECF (Earth Colony Force) claims that the planet is mostly deserted of alien creatures.


1728 A.D. (Orion) - Civil elf war erupts. Zandalari clan forms its own nation in the southeast peninsula, due to the high Naga attack. Soldir and Nave separatists group separate from the Holy Kirin Kingdom and each of them attack the forces of the Kirin King Eliathas (Nave working for the Vashkinians, while Soldir are a part of the royal family who wanted to take the throne for themselves)

1735 - Kirin King Eliathas started negotiations with both of the groups. Before the negotiations even started, Eliathases son Chronis kills his father and takes away the throne.

1736 - Chronis takes the power of the Death God. With the undead army in his control, he crushes Nave and Soldir, ending the civil war

1737 - Chronis attempts to connect the Plaguelands with the Holy Kirin Kingdom, but is stopped and eventually killed by holy warriors. To reassure the power of the death god never reaches into the wrong hands, they lock away the sword used by Chronis and throw away the key into the sky, heading towards their sun (the key was impossible to destroy fully, so only something as hot as a sun managed to destroy it. There are no volcanos on Orion). However the key landed on Pokeworld instead.

1799 - Team Rocket is created by two brothers, Atronius and Marcus, uniting all the bandits, mercenaries and thieves from the Kanto region

1800 - Team Rocket grows into becoming the first Pokeworld mafia. Their work is purely based on using pokemons for crime

1802 - Atronius finds the key which Kirins threw away

1810 - Atronius eventually becomes obsessed with the key. This irritates Marcus. He kicks out Atronius after a rough fight between them

1813 - After years of searching around, Atronius finds a portal on Pokeworld that eventually led to Orion. He leads a small expedition of mercenaries and finds out from various resources that the key leads to the Death God sword, which brings power beyond he could imagine. Atronius finds the place where the sword is hidden and uses its power to return to the Pokeworld and kill Marcus. Marcus eventually gets killed, marking an end to the Team Rockets great power. After Atronius killed Marcus, Marcus's right hand Victor takes in charge. Team Rocket splits up into many different clans. Atronius returned to Orion and went to the capital of Plaguelands, the City of the Dead. There he sat on the throne for 500 years, eventually trading his humanity for becoming one with the Death God.

2023 A.D. (Earth) - The United States of America finances the separatists in the South Eastern Union. This triggers a war in SEU called "The war of 2 sides"

2024 - Great Britain joins the USA in fight against the South Eastern Union

2025 - The European Union discovers that the USA and GB are financing the separatists in SEU. EU requests from UN an immediate seize of power to USA and GB

2026 - With Canada and China going on the side of EU, USA and GB surrender to the EU forces. EU forces strips the army and many other things from the USA. Revolts around USA are starting

2028 - The Midwestern States of America consisting of North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa declares independence from USA. USA denies independence, but EU supports them by giving them supplies for the army

2029 - New California Republic consisting of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma and South Dakota declares independence from the USA. The same day, Texas Republic consisting of New Mexico and Texas declare independence from the USA. USA denies them both, but EU and majority of UN approve their independence

2032 - The Confederate States of America consisting of Arkansas, Louisiana, Misissippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida declares independence violently from USA. Because USA had no supporting Army, the CSA and EU have made the Gettysburg contract, consisting of the territories that CSA will keep.

2033 - USA, completely shattered, lowers itself to the third world country

2040 - After violent protests around the country, Texas Republic shatters into 2 pieces. New Mexico joins the New California Republic while Texas joins the CSA

2084 - The first man stepped on Mars's surface

2123 - Light's Hope is established

2157 - Philipinnes war. Light's Hope major attempt at seizing control of the islands. It lasted for 2 months, with UN forces being victorious.

2289 - Eternian war emerges. Multiple factions are fighting for control of the planet Eternia

2323 - The Earth's defense shatters completely as Rocket and Galactic Army take control of most of the regions around the globe. The war between Resistance and RG alliance starts



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